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OpenEHR is a non-profit foundation working towards the lofty goal of creating open source software and specifications for a better electronic healthcare record. You'll find a load of documents, specifications, designs at their site

The iotaMed project has some goals that are similar to openEHR, but differs in others. Primarily, the iotaMed project strives to make the electronic healthcare record work in clinical practice without trying to copy the workflows associated with a classical medical record, since those are not very suitable for the purpose. Current systems can be said to automate the wrong concepts, and that is a tradition we want to break.

openEHR is also a very large project, much too large for quick implementation. To us in the iotaMed project, early small implementations are key, since it is only by practical use that we can fine tune the structures and get feedback from users. But any part of openEHR that can be independently used and quickly implemented will certainly be gratefully utilized.