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One of the main features of the Apple iPad is that it does not have a mouse. It doesn't even have windows in the normal sense and behaves more like an iPhone than a small desktop. Coincidentally, that jives totally with how the IotaMed system works, since it involves much less text input and mousework than a standard medical records system.

Internal design of iotaPad



The iPad is small enough, and different enough from other hardware, to not be a direct replacement for a desktop machine. The best options seems to be to have a stationary OSX machine such as an Apple Mini or a larger Mac Pro that in turn handles a number of iPads. That way, most of the conventional application work, including emulating protocols against preexisting systems, can be usefully done on the stationary machine, while the protocol between that machine and the iPads can be optimized for mobility and resilience.


To develop for the iPad, you need the iPhone developers kit and you need to be a registered and paid up iPhone developer. The SDK 3.2.2 beta contains the iPad stuff, and you can't get that version as a free download.


You'll find examples of how the iotaPad UI will look in the scenarios section.